• My brother says nothing comes immediately to mind but did share this.

    'There is a group in London that have created a resource about rashes in children with darker skin tones. Most textbooks use white skin pictures which could lead to people not recognising rashes in darker skin people.'



    Not really what you were looking for but interesting all the same. I'll let you know if he thinks of any other resources.

  • There was an article I was reading that had the headline Black patients are treated better by Black doctors, but the researched showed that recognition of rashes on patients by doctors of the same skin tone. So hopefully it is something to learn from.

  • Mate, both good examples of click bait journalism. I ended up watching that clip (group called diversity) as also wanted to see what they were complaining about. Could not see why, I was under the impression every single legitimate ofcom complaint is investigated. Should have been reported as '20000 rasists complain about diversity on UK television.' seems more apt.


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