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  • Jonny69 on here knows a thing or two about carbon fabrication...

  • Jonny69 on here knows a thing or two about carbon fabrication...

    @fasih said I'd been mentioned on here!

    Yeah! An all-carbon blade would be pretty wild but no idea who you would get to do that for you if you can't make it yourself. A one-off would be massively expensive with the design, mould-making and final fabrication. You'd be well, well into 4 figures.

    You could replicate the one on there with metal ends and a carbon leg relatively easily. If you had the steerer and crown machined with a sleeve to bond a carbon tube into. Same at the bottom of the leg, you'd need your dropout bit to have a sleeve that you can bond the carbon into. Off-the-shelf carbon tube same OD as you've got on there with like 2-3mm wall will be similar stiffness as what's on there. Do it all in bare Ti and it'd look SICK. Or rob some bits off a lefty and polish them up?

    Hopefully I've talked you into it @obscurant

  • @fasih said I'd been mentioned on here!

    Erm, that was me. :)

  • Many thanks, @Jonny69, and the others for bringing this to your notice. The original fork was a hybrid design of the kind you describe, except in aluminium, and I did wonder about replicating it in titanium. But then I would feel compelled to 3d print the titanium part, which is another level of complexity hell...


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