• Been pleasantly surprised by my work place; when the recent events came out the management sent round an email with the usual empty wording around being against racism & being an inclusive business which I originally thought would be all they'd do and was pretty disappointing (if not surprising) but as a business it looks like more is being done:

    • Rolled out compulsory unconscious bias training across the group, it was all bias but had a focus on race. It was pretty basic training but probably not bad as a first step - personally having read links/articles posted on here plus general looking around, none of it was new to me but as a foundation for other people that maybe haven't done much it was probably a good start.

    • The business is employing an equality role with a remit looking across the whole group, looking to improve diversity

    • They'd already started this but are pushing it more now - running an internship program specifically looking to recruit from different backgrounds rather than the norm for the industry.

    • There are some pretty senior people looking into a few other long term options for boosting diversity & inclusion, with more junior staff being offered the opportunity to help/contribute.

    The industry in general is extremely white & middle class and my employer is a typical example of that so there is a very long way to go but at least they are doing something and spending a decent amount of cash doing it. We'll have to see in a year or so if things really change.

  • TV production & sales/admin - the actual boots on the ground production teams seem relatively diverse from what I've seen (though there is a lot of "who you know..." there too) but the business management side is really not.
    There's a lot of the more subtle/institutional white privilege stuff eg senior people's children/family friends getting junior opportunities, generally "known" people getting into roles that may not have been widely advertised externally etc... I think the industry in general is a kind of one of those clubs where once you're in you're in but that step of getting in has some considerable hurdles. I think this is what the long term projects for our group are trying to tackle.

    Even outside of race (possibly for a different thread) the northern/southern or middle/working class backgrounds balance isn't really there.


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