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  • Alrighty - had my 3 year old over at a pump track recently & she loved it, naturally I took a bike over too (29" hardtail) but it was a bit unweildy so I've been keeping an eye out for a cheap BMX for such outings - anyone know what to look out for? I know enough about road / MTB bikes but not a clue about BMX - don't want to end buying a shanner, we're all mildly obsessive about what bikes we're riding after all eh!


  • Looking for a bike with 3 piece cranks instead of one piece probably means it’s a bit better quality. That said you do get 3 piece on some pretty cheap bikes these days. The lower end stuff would probably have a loose ball bearing bottom bracket so look for lock rings and the like and steer clear.

    Gyros are often found on cheap bikes so getting one with a straight brake cable is a good idea. If nothing else it’ll make setting the brake up a lot easier.


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