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  • So I've been chatting to this guy in Michigan about buying his Martin, turns out he's a Reverend! He sent me a sound clip on his church's SoundCloud, praise the lord... His playing isn't great but I think I've got a pretty good idea of what the guitar will sound like... So tempted to take a punt once he comes back to me with a couple of other little questions I had...

    It's 11 years old, hardly been played and a AU$800 saving on a new one... $1,800 shipped... Any other advice before I pull the trigger? Should I wait and try the new one? I've got the cash, I'm just cheap... Supply chains are fucked but the new one is (allegedly) on the way and could be here as early as next week... I'm so impatient... 🙄🔫

    Pros: It's already got a pickup and strap buttons on it, I prefer the dot markers to what Martin are doing now, it's cheaper, it's already run in.

    Cons: It's always a risk buying secondhand, there's a little scratch on it, might sound shit...

    I've got PayPal return shipping but that only covers me for the first AU$45...

    So... Yay or nay?

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