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  • Some photos at Bikefix here:­ who kindly laced up the wheels. The rear wheel is not so much misaligned as aligned to an entirely different axis. Burrows realised it does not matter because the turning circle of a bike is so large in comparison with the offset.

    Welding was done by an outfit in China, and I did the rest. It needs more design work, especially the front fork, but once it is finished it may possibly be of interest to others.

  • thanks! really cool to see it from a few different angles.
    did you manage to get the original geo from mike burrows in order to build a new one after yours was stolen? (i'm assuming you never recovered the one you owned before)

  • The old bike never surfaced: I suspect it was broken down for parts and the frame discarded. Mike did not have the original technical drawing, but it was simple enough to recreate from a sketch of his, and my photos of the old bike.

    I think it needs a carbon monoblade at the front, but cannot find anyone to make one, and I have no bandwidth to learn how to do that myself.


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