• Pack list:

    Things I forgot! Coffee, washing up sponge
    Bought on site: eggs, sausages, milk, beer, firewood, marshmallows

    Breakfast: sausages, eggs, wheatabix
    Dinner night 1: (chorizo onion and garlic pre-chopped), pasta, (pesto, pepper and salt) - fry chorizo mix, cook pasta, mix in pesto.
    Dinner night 2: udon, eggs, sweetcorn -boil water add everything
    Desert both nights: hot chocolate

    GSI pinnacle 1p and 2p cook kits
    Kovea spider stove and Amazon windshield
    Gas canister
    Wooden spoon, leatherman knife
    3 titanium sporks

    Lanshan 1p and 2p tents plus carbon poles
    Naturehike sleeping bags
    3 small tarps and some extra lines and pegs
    Decathlon silk bag liners
    Exped lite sleeping mats

    Petzl head torches + lamp kits
    Anker cache batteries

    Pack of cards
    Kids activity book
    Phone with BBC school radio downloads
    Kids headphones

    1 change of clothes p/p
    Wash kit