• We are off on Sunday for 2 nights of cycle camping.

    Definitely apprehensive about logistics and what happens if something breaks.

  • My wife wants to go camping again, so, I'd give it 10/10. We were helped out by the weather; no rain and not too cold.

    I've got the boy on tow with a follow me. The tow bar weighs 4kg which is a bit of a challenge on the hills (when added to 17kg of camping gear, 8kg of child's bike, and 25kg of child), but, it works nicely with a rack and panniers. It is also easy to detach the tow bike for independent adventures or to get it onto smaller trains.

    We had a short ride to Victoria, then a 1h train to Plumpton station.

    The BlackBerry wood campsite is 2 miles from the station via quiet roads and gravel tracks. You get a clearing to yourself to pitch your tents and there were plenty of other kids there to share and enjoy the just-the-right-amount-of-danger playground. (Zipwire, massive swing, tree trunk bridges over a stream...)

    The campsite shop is open until 7pm and sells firewood and beer (plus other non-perishables) cutting down on what you need to pack.

    All in all it was a superb introduction to cycle touring, and a great step towards bigger adventures.


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