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  • oat44:

    Oliver, your local knowledge of my area astounds me. Very impressive!

    Well, it may appear that way, but it's really just a bit of work with on-line maps and StreetView. As I said, I know the area reasonably well, but certainly not as well as most of Hackney. Filtering is hardly rocket science and the principles are always the same. What's important is to apply a good methodology, and what you often find is that people use very bad method, often implementing the first thing that seems most obvious, which is rarely a good solution.

    Lots of cars are already using Colegrave/Edith as a way of bypassing the long queue heading W on Crownfield. They did before this, and now more so. It is moderately entertaining as they are often met by people heading the opposite way trying to skip the queue from Major Road to Crownfield. As Colegrave is a single lane road but still 2-way it can get quite heated at times, but there's usually just enough empty spaces that everyone gets through.

    Yes, and I forgot earlier to suggest that a filter could also be on the western arm of Colegrave Road, so I've edited the post accordingly. That would still lead to rat-running along that short stretch of Colegrave Road (east), but would probably cause other problems.

    I wondered about a filter both on Edith and eastern arm of Colegrave so at least it could be used as a turning space for bin lorries and delivery trucks.

    I thought about that, but the junction is definitely not wide enough. With public buildings, you need to talk to the people running them about what their requirements are. For instance, does the Community Centre run daycare for elderly people who are collected and brought every day by minibus/mediumbus? There's a height restriction on their car park, so that such buses would generally not enter that but require that they can simply approach via Edith Road or Colegrave Road and leave via the other.

    Paths for the Waste Service are also important, but generally operators would prefer having keys for gates that they could open and close. They don't like turning or reversing (although they often have to reverse when met by queues of drivers from the opposite direction). As it would be easy to install an openable gate here, that's not so much of a problem, and the Community Centre might also not worry about any of the above, but you first have to ask them to find out.

    I am happy they are having a go, but I was surprised that Chobham was closed off and miffed that the net result of that is an increase in angry traffic on Colegrave.


    I hadn't paid much attention to the implementation of the western section of the LTN (I live over on the Eastern side of area 2 and am fiercely parochial in my interests, down with the Marylanders etc etc) , but there does appear to be a glaring omission when it comes to the northern edge of area 1. Can't understand the lack of intervention there.

    Yes, what often happens is that engineers are given the brief who have no experience of filtering and actually don't see how gradual displacement of through motor traffic happens. You really have to do a whole cell in one go, there is no other way. And yes, that includes small, unconnected parts of the cell like the streets between Chandos Road and Crownfield Road.