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  • A couple of points: obviously the adjustment and lubrication of the control cable is important

    Any tips /best practice for this? Never used or set up an SA hub.

  • Any tips /best practice for this? Never used or set up an SA hub.

    Let's assume the hub is ok in the first place. All that's necessary is to ensure that the cable runs freely (lubricated and no kinks or sharp bends) and then to adjust the tension which just means checking to see that there is slight slackness when in top gear.

    If you want to make a hobby of understanding how to strip and repair these gears, go ahead and research, but my policy has been to give the hub to an expert to check it before I use it, and this may be why I've had trouble free use. So if your hub has been out of use for some time, or if you have any other doubt about it, I recommend having it checked - it could well be full of ancient lubricant which has now turned itself into something more like cheese!

    P.S. Looking again at your photo of the hub, I notice that the wheel nuts have no washers. It's usual for there to be a serrated washer to go between the nut and the fork end - this has the same effect as the serrated ring on an ordinary track nut, which is to prevent the wheel pulling over under load.


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