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    I am in Lewisham but can meet people with serious interest, within reason.

    62cm Surly Steamroller with uncut steerer, was originally black, sprayed a lovely sparkly green a while bike at Armortex. Paint is more or less immaculate still, excepting a couple of small rubs. Note the tube off-cut positioned to protect again the calliper contact point.

    The Copenhagen Parts rack was originally a black one. They are and always have been tough to get hold of, so when I wanted a silver one and could only get a black one, I decided to strip it myself. I then liked the raw aluminium so much I didn't bother polishing it.

    This bike has never been ridden that much really, so it's in pretty good shape.

    Copenhagen Parts porter rack stripped
    BLB grips
    Condor right crosstop lever
    Velo orange stem
    Misc brake calliper
    System EX seatpost
    MKS Sylvan pedals
    Specialties TA chainset 50t 170
    Shimano UN-55 Bottom Bracket
    Halo Aeroage wheelset
    Gatorskin 700x25C


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