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  • my area of newham is trying out the quieter streets idea currently , lots of rat runs through the neighbourhood closed down by basically blocking off the streets to traffic, one way in, one way out to a block of streets
    lots of uproar about it as people now can't drive their precious little tarquin's and imelda's the 4 mins to school, or can drive them but they are being inconvenienced

    main roads busier side streets quieter

    any discussions as to whether this is a good or bad idea, just want to hear a few pros and cons so i'm better equipped to argue about it

  • As I've said in various other places, filtering itself is a good idea, but for the most part it's badly implemented. I rode through your area earlier this week and saw all the usual mistakes made--filtering at the edges of cells, cells too large, etc. It's all well-intentioned and I hope it succeeds, but it could be done much better.

    One of the worst things is obviously the democratic deficit in imposing these measures. I don't say that because I particularly want a noisy minority to sink them, but because schemes like this inevitably become better if you access local knowledge through an engagement process, which then also has a chance to help people understand why this is being done and ideally to adopt it.

    Anyway, there will be action around these things for a few years. Some will undoubtedly be removed again, but I hope the majority stay or are improved, certainly before they're made permanent when the Experimental Orders under which they're installed expire. That can happen either after six or 18 months, and most councils will undoubtedly seek to make the measures permanent after six.

    If you can, give them your input, be supportive, but don't hesitate to suggest different filtering locations if you think this, that, or the other is particularly problematic. And always remember that some complaints will be justified, e.g. concerning the particularly nonsensical filtering location at the junction of Leytonstone Road and Chobham Road. That's a typical example of an edge filter that should be moved further back inside the cell. Same filtering effect but fewer drivers driving fast through the cell from the other side because the distance they have to drive inside it is increased completely unnecessarily. Obviously, at the moment the filters are 'nudge' filters and not hard ones, and not camera-enforced yet for the most part, but when they're finished fast speeds inside the cell will certainly be a problem.

    One thing that's useful is that OpenStreetMap volunteers already appear to have mapped most, if not all (haven't checked) the experimental filters in London.


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