• i made it to the end (jumped a few paragraphs) nice selection of retro mtbs ! why dont you buy a retro mtb ?
    purple is too #ontrend imo. theres an avalanche of purple in the cannondale thread, which can only mean one thing

  • i would have jumped the whole thread imo,

    why dont you buy a retro mtb ?

    I did consider a 26r for a long time, going backwards and forwards on different steel frames,
    But a sad realisation that i don't own a van or an estate but instead 10 miles of poor cycle infra to get anywhere worth riding one, so a "big tired" gravel wagon makes most sense.

    purple is too #ontrend imo

    for anno, agreed, will be all black/ blue/ silver for this, well, just the blue post really. for the frame, unfortunately i outsourced the colour scheme to my partner and they chose this gloss black with ruby flake which looks a bit like a sparkly GT

    at least that's what i'm telling myself


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