• Getting in as a second right now - is it transferable experience or connections? Asking for an ex stage manager wife with 5 years SA work and the skill set

  • I'd never done exactly that role before and while I tried to read up a lot, my first day on set for at least a year was utterly heart in mouth. My first feature I genuinely nearly had a breakdown. Just so many people to deal with and zero support from anyone - it was an American crew as well shooting over here so it was tough to learn different practices/doc formats etc.

    I was the 2nd on a land rover #hibernot thing for HLA back in 2013. It was on location in deepest darkest Wales, pissing down in the middle of December and the director and 1st were having some troubles scheduling so everyone was in a shirty mood, not helped by being cold and wet and up since 4. We had two SAs sat dangling their legs over a little bridge over a stream waiting for direction. I wasn't on comms but could hear raised voices from director/1st 'debating'/arguing through the mist. I was with the SAs keeping them company. Director apparently wanted to roll for 60 seconds to see what they could get without telling them they were rolling. They shouted 'come back to us' but didn't tell me why. The couple asked what was going on and I (regretfully) joked 'dunno, I'll be back in a sec - i'll go find out - act natural!'. They laughed and it was fine but obviously they were mic'd up and the director and 1st were listening 100m away at video village. I heard the 1st bellow "CYOA, NO, FOR FUCKS SAKE" echo across the foggy hillside. That was a low point. Still learned more that week than any other. Brilliant, kind, inventive PM (Daniel) at HLA.

    If you'd 'managed' anything you'll be fine.

    Skills required:

    • can feign confidence and authority
    • can make a spreadsheet
    • use a radio
    • tell the time
    • remember names
    • wake up in the morning

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