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  • 1) Ambrosio 700c wheelset with a flip flop hub - £45 + £12 postage. The price is low on this as they have had a fair amount of use and aren’t 100% true.

    2) Satori 38cm black bullhorns & 60mm shroom quill stem - £15 (can also be sold separately for £15 & £5) + £5 postage. These are both hardly used (had them on my bike for a month before swapping to risers), the bullhorns do have some marks from poor removal but nothing some bar tape won’t cover up.

    3) Plain silver bullhorns and quill stem - £4 + £5 postage. Again price reflects the use and how worn the parts are, some rust on the stem, dents in the bar ends and scratches on the bars Good for anyone looking to build a cheap beater.

    4) 46t crankset & pedals - £8 + £8 postage. Teeth are fairly worn and pedals have some rust but Both work fine and could be good for anyone looking for a cheap build.

    5) Front and back brake callipers - £8 + £3 postage

    6) Extra long seat post 26mm diameter - £2 + £3 postage

    7) Brand new spoke light - £2 + £2 postage

    8) Reflective magnets for steel frame - £2 + £1 postage


    *All parts can also be collected from south west London if you want to avoid postage costs. Happy to do deals on multiple items


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