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    You may have seen my previously advertised wanted post for a rim brake gravel bike, it was up for 18 hours and in that time I bought a disc brake boat anchor.

    Let me set the scene, it's a Saturday evening and I've just been turned down on my 3rd offer of some outdated frame which rides exactly like my caadx, it's deep dissociation hours here. I'm quite literally at the point of typing "steel bike" into ebay, flicking through page after page of bikes people i assume people have pulled out of their local canal to satisfy bike demand. Seven pages in i'm like "i'll go to 10 and then i'll close it for the night", page 8 nothing, half way down page 9? damn, we have a candidate.

    looks like it can fit a trendy tyre?


    In a haze i submit "£190" as an offer, instantly rejected (terrible ebay feature btw), i'm stuck at the slot machine now tho, one more spin. "£200" and i see the dreaded "your offer has been sent", slightly worried i think it's ok, they will reject.

    an hour of twitter later and my phone pings "congratulations maj, you own the exact type of bike you sold last month!", my mouth went dry, i sweated, think i passed out after that.

    waking up the next day it didn't take long to dawn on me i still had this frame sitting in my basket to be paid for so i thought maybe i should do some research before i take the rep hit.

    tootling around the internet i found some promising stuff, could take a 46 700c knobbly? has something called a gusset? geo looks like i can not run spacers???

    I reluctantly pay the person and think what the hell, linking it to @Belagerent he's come to expect my awful bike buys, but after laughing he points out i've bought a faran? neither of us can believe the luck the simulation has handed to us.

    What am i going to do with this frame?

    build it? maybe? probably build it up as a 1x gravel wagon that bears a similarity to a 1990's mtb in looks? get it powdercoated? maybe add mounts to the fork?

    budget for this build?

    ideally the scraps i have left from selling my other bikes which i didn't spend on a overspecced beer carrier fixed gear bike and wizard works bags i bought

    what do you need for the build?

    hope headset
    chainset and BB
    rear derailleur suitable for a 11-40 casette
    cable shifters
    typ spyres
    nice polished finishing kit

    of you have any of these please feel free to flog them to me, luckily i didn't sell my nice disc wheels so i have them knocking about

    how is this any different to the sweet caadx you own?

    no comment

    why didn't you hold out for the frames in your sale post

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    how much saddle time have you put in on any of your bikes this summer to justify such a project that you need another niche build?

    look i'm on a bike forum for a reason, i didn't log onto "overconsumptionsupport.co.uk" for a reason

    how long do you see this taking?

    what to sell it? oh you mean build....uhhhhhhhhhhh hopefully a couple of months or so

    can we see what you bought?

    sure, here's a photo

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