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  • Go for both. Have the fixer as a plan B. You don't know the level of competition for either place yet so neither is a sure bet.

    Suspect now is not the time for fixing stuff up - the fact that a developer hasn't swooped in and picked it up is telling you something.

    Also something nicer than the shiny place will come up, unless you are balls deep it's Ok to back out and switch if you think it's worth it.

  • Suspect now is not the time for fixing stuff up

    Why not if we're looking to fix it up over time as a home rather than try to make money out of it?

  • Look at the cost per square foot - suspect it will be quite high compared to other options.

    Was assuming you'd need to add an extension or loft? It's those that might be tricky at the moment.

    If you can live without structural stuff and can DIY it and can live with a bit of chaos then I guess it's different.

    We had the same dilemma but ended up going back to another place then finding the extra money for it as it gave us the best of both worlds; mostly done up to a seemingly good standard but could be further extended out the back.


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