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  • We're now in the privileged position of having to chose between two places to make an offer on. Both are a similar size (+-100sqft) and within a mile of each other. One will need next to no work done and is very shiny. The other needs pretty much everything doing and when it's done, will be miles better than the shiny option (better proportioned rooms, period features*, next to a park etc.).

    We're both a little paralysed by the fear of making the "wrong" choice. I think all the discussions we've been having are gearing us towards the wreck, hence the questions about full fat surveys. And are anxious about what other people will think about the decision.


  • The plan would be to do a lot of what is possible myself. There are enough room that to absolutely gut one or two, will not be a problem. The kitchen, while still being a bit shit, is one of the least fucked bits, luckily. The living room and the biggest bedroom also need some work but are totally useable.


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