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  • We had one where the estate agent called us at the time we were supposed to be meeting and then said the owner would show it himself.

    We had an awkward tour around their family of six while he explained that he wanted to get an offer in on the place so they could start looking for a house. In Birmingham.

  • Isn't this quite normal? Ive 'sold' before looking for my next property before, as long as your buyer is aware, it can put you in a great buying position.
    Re awkward viewings, we arrived at a place which was being looked after by the son of the owner. He was there smoking weed laying on a bed in one of the rooms! He didn't/couldn't perhaps move. Great way to market a family home

  • Perhaps. We were looking to move though, and they wanted "a few months" to look for a place. It seemed odd.


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