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  • I thought it meant it says on the outside what the item is. Might just be a printed label. If you think someone might intercept it for that reason or you don't want your addiction to be public you might choose to conceal it.

    I know Amazon delivers a lot of stuff but they have done some really stupid things with records in the past. Good thing is they replace items easily enough. Some people have maxed out their right to return vinyl and ended up being blocked from buying it on Amazon. So be careful if anyone approaches you to buy vinyl for them from Amazon, it could be a banned junkie :)

  • Yes, a slightly more commercial version of the same thing all decent sellers have been using forever! They had been known to send records in plastic bags.

    I have to right a wrong. I contacted Analogue Productions today about the problem with the Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins set and they got back to me within hours and said they will arrange a replacement through my distributor. So I'll be buying with quite a bit more confidence.


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