• Perfect, thank you for the comprehensive reply.

    I may be in touch in the future. The frame I'd want done isn't built yet but I'd like it just raw steel as built and clear coated, no polishing just protecting.

    I'll also have another 2 frames done hopefully by the end of this year that I'd just like in a single colour gloss finish. So I'll contact you about those too.

    Are Cole coatings and Quinntessential 2 separate entities? and are you involved with both?

  • Any time.

    If you just want a flat/solid single colour gloss finish on steel/aluminium, you're always better with a powdercoater (who knows what they're doing). powder is far tougher than wet-spray products.

    If you're looking for fruiter stuff like metallics etc AND you have carbon forks then wet-spraying is your guy.

    Cole and Quinntessential are two wholly separate things.

    Cole Coatings Workshop is Dan and myself.
    We work on anything that we can fit in the booth but based on our job commitments, we're only painting things we've designed; we don't have time for much else sadly.

    Quinntessential is Paul Quinn, former Cole Coatings Workshop apprentice.
    I also work on Paul's designs, customer comms, polishing, detailing, airbrushing etc.

    Both use the same space but Paul is there full time so he can tackle more stuff.