• Paint guys: I need a spray gun for ‘bigger than an airbrush’ type applications that will run happily on 3 bar - any recommendations or pointers?

  • How much coverage are you looking for?

    Harder makes an XL which has a .6 nozzle.
    After that, have a look at the SATA Dekor which comes with a .8 as standard I think.

    Pressure aside, if you don't have the tank capacity, you're fighting a losing battle.

    You can get almost anything done on a bike with a decent midi gun.
    Some painters will be strict devilbis users, others will die fighting for SATA and then there are weird Iwata people... you'll be fine with something from Sealey if your product and prep is good. Your gun should have a .8-1.2 needle and nozzle combination with the smaller working for most basecoats and the larger end being better for UHS, primers or clear.