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  • Does anyone have a source for printing custom frame decals? Not sure how different the stock and stuff needs to be but from the feel they are usually quite thin and regular vinyl printing might not cut it. Any help appreciated!

    Also open to alternate ways to apply custom decals to a frame that won't break the bank.

  • Just use regular sign vinyl.
    Opt for an "economy" vinyl... it will be thinner.
    Blast a heatgun or hairdryer over it and it'll soften and shrink onto the factory finish better than straight slapping a sticker on there.

    As much as we might say "decals" they're all still stickers and you'll still see and feel that they're stickers. Even the top online sellers with exclusive licenses for old brands and such are still providing stickers... thin as they are, they'll never appear flat under a clearcoat without additional work and even in that case, they'll represent a weak point in the layers and they'll be prone to chipping off.

    Waterslides or dry-rub transfers will get you the smoothest appearance but the application is a bit tricker but custom ones are EXPENSIVE. 4D Modelshop is where I buy custom graphics when paint ing simply won't give the level of detail I need.


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