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  • You might have to find a way to extend the brake-bridge attachment and space the guard out from the chainstay bridge, shouldn't be too hard.

  • Would the better solution be to just get 700c guards at the appropriate width? or will it just be gappy?

  • I’d imagine the stays will be long enough, if you spaced out from the BB you should be able to get it to fit with enough fiddling. I’d go for Giles Berthoud / Velo Orange guards, last time I checked the PDW were almost £100 new?

    I went the other way and fitted 650 guards to a 26” Long Haul Trucker.

    Depends what size tyres you’re running (assuming big hence the conversion) but a 650 wheel + 40ish tyre is equiv to 700c so could fit 700 guards and use with 700 in future if you’re bored of the smaller wheel?


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