• A case the IWGB union has lost:


    The core of the decision is really here:

    “Thirdly, there was no purpose in interfering with the exemption accorded to taxis, because taxis provide unique advantages to Londoners. They allow wheelchair-bound passengers to travel and are required to carry passengers under a raft of regulations that do not affect minicabs.

    There remains the dimension of minicab drivers being overwhelmingly brown and black cab drivers overwhelmingly white:

    The ruling noted that it was “common ground” that 94% of licensed minicab drivers in London are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BAME), with 71% of minicab drivers living in the most deprived areas of London, with earnings of, on average, less than £23,000 per year.

    In comparison, the ruling says, 88% of black cab drivers – who remain exempt from the charge – are white.

    Lady Justice Simler noted: “This significant disparity of impact between black and minority ethnic minicab drivers on low incomes on the one hand and white taxi drivers on the other is stark and has raised legitimate questions about the measure adopted by the Mayor.

    “It has made this appeal particularly troubling.”