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  • Ok, I've been in the loft and found another mat and another down bag that i'd forgot i bought in the states...

    I found a small podsacs cordura stuff sac and stuffed each bag in and took a picture. Bit of a weird flex to use a bottle of whisky for scale but hopefully it will give an idea.­Bu7

    1) Helium solo - Squished to the smallest the stuffsac would go with more squish available if necessary.
    2)Helium 250 - Squished almost all the way. You could probably wrestle it smaller but pretty good
    3) Backcountry Quilt - Squished to the same amount but more girth. bit bulgier on the sides.
    4) Zissou 20 - Couldn't get it all the way in but its rated much much lower temps than the others.

    I had fun anyway.

    I normally prefer not to squish too much as if theres give then its easier to fit other bits around it.

    The other mat i found is a Mountain Equipment Helium 2.5. Bigger than the others but cheaper.

    I'll probably keep one bag and one mat if i can.


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