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  • On a recent trip I had a family bag of salted nuts with me that lasted for a week in my pannier as they seemed kind of boring to eat. The day when I couldn't find a shop open or close by they really came in handy, filled the hole in my growling stomach. If they were chocolate they would have been eaten within the hour of buying them.

    @ACRe19 this sounds interesting, are you saying light a fire on top of the open tin? I didn't quite follow.

  • Hah, sorry, it's a very simple process, I'm just able to mangle instructions for anything.

    Essentially you get a piece of kitchen roll, fold, tear or cut it into roughly the size of the tin, press it down so that it soaks up the oil and is sitting on top of the fish, and then light the corners.

    It burns a bit like a candle - they can go for absolutely ages. I suggest blowing it out after 10 minutes or so


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