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  • Something that I've done endlessly since learning about it is grilling fish in their tins (was amazing in Basque country with all the various fish types).

    Essentially you peel the lid off completely, either fold or cut down a tissue/piece of kitchen roll/napkin from a cafe so that it fits the rough dimensions of the tin. Press it down so it absorbs the oil and sits on top of the fish - I'd keep the corners dry. Light the corners and over the space of about 10 minutes the fish grills - and I mean really grills! If you fold it so there's more layers it goes a bit more slowly, but I feels gets more of a nice charred texture on the fish.

    I'll eat this out of a tin, or cook some rice/bulgar/buckwheat. Try playing around with different grains - it might just be me, but I hate couscous (it tastes like dust) and prefer more chunky carbs.

    Also, if you're in London, Muji is great for small containers and shakers for different spices and oils


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