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  • Good thread.

    For snacks/cold meals:
    Ensure you are packing around an average of 4 kcal per gram.
    IE if you have 100g of snacks it should have around 400kcals in it.
    This is a rule of thumb which I have found very helpful.

    At resupply points buy some non-dense and healthy foods, always makes you feel better in the long term. Non-dense things like croissants. Healthy foods like grapes, lettuce, carrots, etc.

    For quick resupplies on short rides I like a packet of crisps + lemonade can combo. This really works for me, I have no idea why. On slightly longer rides I will have a pot of yoghurt at one resupply point too.

    The goto hot meals are:
    Pasta with cheese+nuts+pesto/olive oil
    Couscous with cheese+nuts+olive oil
    In the 70s British climbers lived on mostly couscous + stuffing mix, this is easy to cook on a camp stove in no time at all, cheap, energy dense, and very tasty.

    Attached a meal plan for a 10 day trip with no resupplies (hiking).
    I don't normally plan it but wanted to see how to get it just right.
    Two breakfast/lunch/dinner combos, one for odd numbered days and one for even numbered days.
    I was very happy with everything I took and there was exactly the right amount.
    This website:

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