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  • Up until now I've always relied on eating out and campsite eating (bread, cheese, tomatoes etc) for when I've gone touring but coronavirus means its a bit harder to count on places being open to serve meals up particularly if you're going a bit more off grid.

    I've bought a pot and burner but keen to hear people's suggestions for "camping ready meals." I wouldn't do this at home but can definitely see the benefit of meals with the minimum of fuss and space when on the go. Oh, and am also vegetarian...Keen to hear recommendations

  • I'm no expert, but you can't go wrong with a one pot stew if you have a trangia or similar.

    Tin of tomatoes, an onion (if you have the energy to chop), tin of beans, whatever else you might want to add. If I'm hungry it's always done the trick and is pretty hard to fuck up. Bread or pasta to serve, chocolate for desert.

    Carrying some essentials like a small bottle of olive oil and salt and pepper is a good shout. Obviously tins are heavy so you don't want to be carrying them too far, but I've never found it to be tool much of a problem, though I'm never really in "full bikepacking" mode when carrying a stove.


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