• If you're open to other wide 29er mudguards there's some simworks x honjo ones that look nice but expensive. There's also some 75 sks bluemels in matte black but they don't have much coverage as I guess they're made for e bikes.


    There's also some mad 65 and 80mm pletscher ones that can also do double duty as lightweight rear pannier racks, which seems sick to me but I guess might not be your vibe.

    absolute unit etc.

    I just got the bluemels though I do sometimes wonder about those pletscher ones...

    excited to see the build whatever you pull together.

  • I find square profile mudguards deeply ugly for some reason. simworks x honjo are ¬£180 which is beyond obscene, i'd rather get the GB and paint, GB are always worth the money.

  • Those Pletschers with pannier bars are blowing my tiny mind.

    Does anyone have experience with them? How much does the system weigh?


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