• Once the test build is finished (and i know I'm happy with it), I'll change the tyres to something more road friendly, add mudguards, racks and luggage. Also treat myself to new pedals.


    I'll want something in the 700x50/29x2" range, current front runner is just the same as I have on the Scott:

    • Schwalbe G-One Speed

    but other options are:

    • Panaracer GravelKing SK Plus

    Wildcard option is:

    • Schwalbe Marathon Almotion

    Which I wouldn't have previously considered, however they get excellent reviews

    If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.

    Only two real options I'd consider:

    • 65MM SKS Blumels

    Downside is that they're shiny, they do matte finish in 53mm so annoying they dont in 65mm.

    Or I buy some GB stainless ones and have them painted matte black, as the officially painted ones don't seem to be coming any time soon.

    Either way, they'll get big RAW flaps and a 3rd flap

    Racks & Luggage

    Rear - Carradice bagman expedition QR and a super c saddlebag (which i'm going to add some plastic to stiffen up)
    Front - Rawland demiporter (dont buy the alu one I have if anyone is wondering, the eyelets snapped off), Black wald 137 and i've ordered a wizard works Alakazam Basket Bag in these colours:

    Long term I will replace the Rawland for something Nitto and a Tubus Duo

    But i am also tempted by a Pelago Commuter


    Probably DMR V12 Mags

    All the other options that I like such as spankbros etc seem out of stock everywhere, unless anyone has any recommendations.

    Dynamo lights

    Prob going to upgrade my current lights and gift my old ones to my GF for her bike. So I'll ge myself a B&M IQ-X and a SECULA PLUS


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