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  • Ah yes, all of the DIY on a Budget Facebook page should be here.
    Here's an example from yesterday.

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  • This is amazing in so many ways.

    The more you look the more details you notice. Like how they gave up on randomizing the font order on the upper steps.

  • My ocd can’t look at the way they’ve hung that wall clock.

  • Imagine when their kid is a teenager - those stairs will take a beating.

    I’m really annoyed by these stair rule people.

    And that James Dean quote - pure justification for staying in bed eating pizza and drunk dialling randoms to call them cunts/making a Father Ted type list.

  • The stairs actually lead to a blank piece of grey wall, there is no left turn.

  • DIY on a Budget Facebook

    Oooh yes

  • In this house we have decent kerning, but still mix fonts. 🤮


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