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  • Why wouldn’t you have built in white goods if you’re having a super nice kitchen? That just doesn’t compute.

  • Got to agree with this. One of the main reasons for getting an expensive kitchen is it's all cohesive. Having random appliances makes them look like afterthoughts, whatever you do with a washing machine or a fridge freezer it isn't going to look pretty.

    Even more so in a traditional shaker style kitchen that you seem to be going for. Appliances will stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Semi-agree.

    I can make nearly all of it look good immediately... just buy everything from a single vendor and make it high priced.

    But the washing machine is the hard one. They're just not attractive and tend to come in white and not stainless steel.

    The kitchen isn't huge, and visible appliances may mean it looks smaller and cluttered. I've not seen a great example of a shaker kitchen with visible appliances, but that doesn't mean that they're a bad idea.

    I'm mostly sure that future me would prefer to be able to trivially replace things, and to keep cabinetry really simple and timeless.

    It's only the washing machine that I hesitate on.


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