• I bought the frame last year as a project but haven’t made much progress—I guess having a child will do that. Now we’re moving abroad for a bit so I need to free up some storage space, and I’m coming to grips with the fact that the front end is probably going to be too low for me, anyway.

    I believe it’s a mid-90’s frame in great condition—the welds are super neat, as you’d expect from a Merlin. The fork has had a bit of rubbing just below the crown, but it looks to be cosmetic, not structural. Dimensions are below. The bottom bracket is Ultegra and hasn’t been used, the stem and seatpost came from the forum, as did the saddle (a Specialized Romin with carbon rails and a scuff on the NDS nose). I have a front mech clamp that I’ll throw in, too.

    TT c-c: 55 cm
    ST c-c: 52.5 cm
    ST c-t: 56 cm
    HT: 11 cm without headset, 14 cm with external headset

    I’m currently packing and sorting things for the aforementioned move, so I would appreciate collection from West London, but I do have the box the frame came in so would consider posting. £450 excluding postage & fees.

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