• Built my wheel, 2 wraps of Tessa tape pressed down by hand. Just tried to pop the tyre (43c gravelling sk) on with no tube or sealant and no dice. Popped a tube in there just now to make sure tape is pressed down and it inflated with no pops or anything to indicate the bead going into place.

    More tape required?

  • Never tried the tube way. Made my 1st tubeless setup about 2 weeks ago. I use a booster made of 2l Pet bottle after unsuccesful tried just with floor pump.

    I was expecting a stronger popping sound but it was quite faint. For safety I have inflated the tire after the initial setup a a larger presure just to make sure everything is in place.

    2 weeks later everything holds in place. Usually I have my tires at 40PS but in general I find them after a few days at 30. Not sure if that is unusual but the same was with the tube set-ups.

    Tire was a Venture 47. Hope it helps.

  • Took one side of the tyre off, tube out, valve in, went up fine and popped that one side of the bead back on fine.

    Had some leaks between tyre and rim but now there’s sealant in there it seems to be holding.

    Fingers crossed.


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