• I've just fitted a WTB Horizon to a new front wheel I've built. It seated nicely, albeit with the assistance of the compressor than than just a track pump, but there are two pinholes in the sidewall, just where the tyre tread meets the sidewall carcass. They are actual holes, albeit small ones, and you can feel and hear the air escaping through them. I bought the tyres waaaaaaay too long ago to return them, and I can't even remember where I bought them.

    So, do I

    1. Buy another tyre
    2. Try to fix the pinholes with an inner tube patch
    3. Hope the sealant will plug the holes reliably


  • I had a similar experience with WTB Nanos. They went on no problem, and seemed to be holding pressure ok. However after a couple of days they lost all their air and holding them underwater showed small bubbles leaking through the one of the injection moulding "nubbins", even with sealant (Stans no tube). I tried taking them for a ride to properly spread the sealant but this didn't make any difference. Then tried an anchovy but also didn't work. Eventually swapped back to my old tyres and am in the process of patching from the inside before steeling myself for another round of tubeless faff plus potential mid-ride disruption.

    TLDR: I have doubts about the quality of the WTB quality control process


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