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  • Not my photo, but this is from the back. They are 54cm (I think) Nitto Gravel bars. By far my favourite part of the build, they feel just right.

    Very difficult to find silver wide bars outside Crust. Not sure there is much else out there?

  • Beautiful. Very obviously different tread on the front and rear tyres. Forgive my ignorance - what's the thinking behind that?

  • Mostly just Instagram points...

    If I was planning to spend most of my time on tarmac I’d have gone both smooth and if all bridlepath/gravel I’d have gone both more aggressive tread. As it’ll be a mix of both this seems to work. Supposedly the same logic as all those 90s bmxs that ran a smooth rear tyre for speed and a knobbly front for more traction when cornering. Have found the back a little slippy if I’m careless on gravel.


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