• Did anybody else find the UK BLM tweets about Palestine to be a bit incongruous this weekend? I cant put my finger on it but just seemed like a strange time for a UK specific Twitter feed to focus on another part of the world given the live focus on domestic issues at the moment.

    Not sure where I'm going with this. The subject of Palestine is very close to my heart. My wife's family were bulldozed out of Palestine and violently displaced by Israeli forces in the 70s. It's the reason she grew up in the UAE and not Palestine.

    I guess it just felt a bit strange timing for a UK specific BLM social media account to be talking about somewhere else. Not saying I have a problem with it, just feels like odd timing.

  • I'm not on twitter, but if it is to do with drawing wider attention to an urgent situation for an already oppressed people, what's strange about it?
    What you already know about, a lot of people who follow UK BLM might not - they are using their position to highlight and increase awareness. Which is the same thing others with bigger platforms did for them. It doesn't seem so strange?

  • I think @hoefla and @dandruff (left in for typo comedy) @danstuff are both right.

    Of course it's the right thing to do to use your platform to spread awareness of a major issue. I cant argue with that.

    But, is that at the cost of diluting other messages while your audience is engaging with them? I guess I'm just overthinking it. Have been doing a lot of comms strategy stuff recently and maybe it has crept into the back of my mind.


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