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  • This weekend is a massive sausage fest. My dad has given me the grindr attachment for my kitchenaid as a birthday present. It has arrived early but with a request that when he comes to visit next week for my birthday he gets some links to take home.

    Right now a mix of beef silverside, pork shoulder and pork fat has been rough cut and sprinkled with boerwors seasoning. It’s chilling in the freezer with the grinder right now. This is to avoid the fats melting in the mincing process. In an hour this will be rough ground, water and malt vinegar added. Will fry a tiny bit to check the seasoning and then chill again.
    Hope to have 2 or 3 boerwors coils from this. Will make Chakalaka to go with one tomorrow.

    Next up will be Italian fennel sausage mainly for use on pizzas and possibly in pasta dishes too. They will be made tomorrow to go on pizzas on Sunday.

    Am rather fucking excite