• Probably wishful thinking, but is this safe to ride?

    For context, this was an old Vitus 181 bike I bought cheap and was going to restore without spending any money. I did end up buying the sprays to paint it yellow but after everything was nice and cleaned up and ready to build, this happened. It was literally the first thing I did, press the headset cups in. I'm guessing the bike was probably in an accident before and sustained damage that I couldn't see because as soon as I turn the headset press, the head tube buckled. Really sucks, after the respray and everything...anyway, since this was going to be a cheap beater bike, it makes no sense to buy a new frame so I'll either sell all the parts (which is a huge pain in the ass) or...just use this frame.

    Both cups don't hold at all and will slip in easily by hand so I'd have to loctite them in place.

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