• I've just been trying to fit a different bottom bracket into my Tom Board frame, but have discovered a problem- it would appear the diameter of the Bottom bracket shell is too wide by a mm or 2- 35mm diameter it would appear, and the new bottom bracket threads won't engage or tighten. The is so loose it wiggled past the threads and is not a bit stuck in the middle, but no hope of fitting the bottom bracket as is at all tight enough in there

    I'm looking too run a Campag Chorus 10 speed set up, with takes a square taper bottom bracket. Cannot work out why the shell would be too wide-and if I can resolve this issues at all?

    The shell is nervex it seems, so pretty old, but the threads look good so don't think they are worn or anything, (although they could have been re-cut I suppose?)

  • “Italian” bottom bracket shells are larger diameter than the more common BSA type. Presumably your frame was specced Italian?

    You just need the Italian version of the BB if so.


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