• Racism is rife in the UK and many other countries and has been for generations. My dad’s side of the family were colonial types who went to India and set up cotton mills in Gujarat- he still treats people like his “wallas” / servants and I’m the outcast in the family because I’ve had the audacity to challenge him..
    I’m a 2tone kid which was a powerful movement back then with great music to boot. This is England sums up though some of the poisonous attitudes that are around.
    I moved to Hackney in the early 90s and worked for social services there - my boss was from monseratt and took me under her wing and I had the best introduction to community back then- as a white bloke from Devon who turned up in a sports jacket and brogues I felt instantly at home and free from the snobbery of my upbringing.
    The supposed leaders and generally men in power in this country have often been the most arrogant and hypocritical people you could meet- no wonder the mistrust and rejection of authority.
    I’ve been guilty of prejudiced thoughts in the past and constantly have to reflect on my attitude and thoughts as a parent and someone who likes to think he “gets it” but maybe I don’t...
    I hope this momentum continues and changes lives - we need tears of joy not tears of loss.
    People also need to try and intervene more when they see bad things happening not just fucking filming it..