• I've been a member on this forum for a few years .I typed in the BlackLivesMatter in the search engine .
    To my surprise nothing came back . My concern is that this forum reflects many people for many backgrounds .The wall of silence on here is deafening. So I'm just wondering how this feels to the other
    black members of this forum considering this forum is supposed to reflect London .Diversity and inclusion
    are virtually non existent in cycling and this need to be addressed .This needs to be done by everybody not just by the people who are being excluded. I hope that every member of this forum can reflect on the little things you can do to the racial injustice .This isn't an American problem ,racism is prevalent in the UK

  • I’m glad you started the thread. Hopefully people can share useful material of any kind in here.

    I think this forum is overwhelmingly white. Admittedly my only dealings with other members are buying and selling particular items so maybe it’s skewed slightly but when I bought a wheel off you, you were the first black person I had met from here.

    I guess overwhelmingly white areas (forums) are exactly the kind of areas where these conversations need to be happening so I’m glad the thread is here.


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