• For the first time in my life I felt compelled to hit the streets, and march with BLM. Got shut down by the missus, she remains petrified about the Rona, and (I guess rightly) doesn’t want to jeopardise our upcoming IVF restart. So I stayed in and sulked. But also made a poster and put it up in our front window.

    Recent events stateside are beyond comprehension, for me, it’s so fucked that this is still happening, and worse seemingly without any consequence to the perpetrators.

    Change has to come. It would be glorious if we were living through real change and witnessing the cusp of the old guard waking up to a reality that in my mind is a no-brainier. Over the weekend such energy was palpable.

    I’m white. And have little idea what being a black person in the UK in 2020 is like.


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