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  • Hi folks,

    Any first hand advice on how these shifters compare is size and feel? I currently have the RS685s but the're pretty large, thinking of upgrading the the R8020.

    On another bike I have the R8070 di2 shifters and love the feel. I imagine the mechanical ones are larger?

  • Braking and shifting much improved with the newer levers IMO

    RS685 feel woolly, r8000 crisp and light in comparison, both braking and shifting wise.

    I’ve got RS685 and looking forward to upgrading to either 7000/8000 or most likely GRX levers.

    They are still large but a more ergonomic shape. They also do R7025 and R8025 for smaller hands?

  • Would advise that one avoids the r7020 levers as they (the right hand one particularly) have a design flaw causing an audible rattle at even the slightest bump in the road. Shimano are well aware of the problem and yet doing nothing to rectify other than warranty replacing for those who can be arsed to return them for inspection. I've made do with a slither of bartape wedged between top of lever and underside of plastic hood housing. Cba. I'd do ultegra if nothing else to avoid this


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