• It's official, the Moots has taken over. So along with my Allez this also has to go. Was saving it for a rainy day but I don't think I'll need it..
    Dibs and PM please.
    Postage is included. If you can collect from Portsmouth a discount applies.
    Ask away with any q's and thanks

    Ribble road frame and forks
    Columbus SLX tubing throughout. Makes for a very lightweight frame considering its size.
    TT ctc 57cm
    ST ctc 57cm
    HT 16.7cm
    1" threaded forks
    Rare Cinelli BB shell spoiler
    Internal rear brake routing
    Pump and chain nipples
    All threads are spot on
    Paint on frame isn't amazing but will survive a good bit longer but unfortunately quite a bit of paint loss on the forks. I've taken off the flaky bits for transparency and to assess the forks but all looks to be superficial with no deep rust nor pitting. Forks will need at least a laquer seal if not a complete respray. I was goign to get the whole bike stripped and resprayed but I'll leave that to the new owner.
    No deep rust; no dents; no cracks; no bends etc
    Basically a solid and unique frame that would benefit from a paintjob to get it to its former glory but can be ridden as is.
    I bought the frame due to the builder and also the fact it was built from SLX and has this Cinelli spoiler. It's got loads of potential and will no doubt be an amazing ride once sorted out.
    Oh it also has two Campagnolo decals and apprently came with a Victory groupset the original owner said so maybe it was a limited/special edition? It would probably make sense as I've never seen SLX and Cinelli BB's used on a RIbble before.

    £220..210...200....190 posted to the UK

    Thanks. T


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