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  • I’m sufficiently bored to have dug out my old V500 and tried to scan some old medium format slides (Velvia). Had to download VueScan because Epson scan no longer works on my 64-bit MacBook Pro. Reminded myself why I gave up scanning slides (and why I always preferred Reala as a film).

    Instead, I thought I’d try photographing the 6x7 slides using my iPad as a light box, with my OM-D EM 5.2 set on hi-res mode. Problem is that the tiny grid of pixels that make up the iPad screen is clearly visible in the sky.

    Anyone got any tips to get round this? I was using the Epson film holders to lift the film clear of the screen, with an aperture of f4 (equiv to f8 on full frame) to ensure a less- than-perfectly-flat film was all in focus Just using my 12-40mm lens, not a proper macro lens.

    I’ve got some matt-finish heli tape lying around somewhere so was thinking of digging that out to use as a diffuser. Any better ideas?


  • tracing paper or greaseproof paper? you can get pretty cheap light boxes online that you can use to backlight the negs


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