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  • What @Ecobeard says is wise.

    One thing to be aware of is when offering on a property it's different process to that in england.y experience suggests you'll need at least 10% of the mortgage valuation in cash in addition to the mortgage deposit. Once you're serious about making an offer you'll need to appoint a solicitor. I was happy with mine, particularly from the initial contact where I phoned them and asked for advice on how it all works, being a first time buyer and at that time living in London.

  • Yeah I've been reading up on the differences - looks slightly less prone to deals falling through or maybe that's just my impression but certainly different! Which solicitor dod you use if you don't mind me asking as it seems we're in a similar situation as you were? Having 10% in cash as well as the deposit is something I've not seen and most likely a deal breaker since we'd be looking at the top end our budget towards 85-90% LTV.


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