• One point with titanium is that it’s not got the greatest thermal capacity, so may get hotspots/cold spots depending on your set up. Aluminium is better for spreading the heat, but then can taste metallic as you’ve mentioned. If wanting to use in the fire I’d go with uncoated, but might just be me.

    Alpkit MyTi mugs get good reviews and often used, also Chinese knockoffs available on Amazon for a fair bit less.

  • Good point re the heat spreading. Maybe the non stick coated ones get round the taste issue? I’ve never had non stick pans for home use that taste bad.
    Great tip on the cast iron pans @aggi thanks - they look ideal and could work for taking car camping too

  • If you happen to know anyone in the US coming over here (unlikely at the moment I know) the Lodge stuff is really bargain priced over there.


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